Zfitness Pec Fly / Rear Delt

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Isolate your pec’s and rear deltoids for great tension sets. Easy to use pin selection.

Tube:137×40×3/40×80mm(flat oval)
N.W.: 270/G.W.:290kgs

Variable cam replicates the user's natural strength curve throughout the entire range of motion.
Five pectoral fly start positions allow for users of all fexibility and goals.
Articulating arms accommodate users of all sizes.
Vertical design ensures correct pivot locations for both exercises regardless of seat height.
Combines two exercises in one which better

Warranty :
Body/Frame - 10 years
Structure Moving Parts - 5 years
Bearings,Bushings,Pulleys: 3 years
Coatings,Cables,belts,Exterior Upholstery&Accessories : 1 year